My paintings in gouache on paper reflect images from my dreams, images from traveling to other countries and objects of personal significance. I am interested in the bold use of color and overall pattern which has been influenced in part by Mexican Art, Aboriginal Dreamings, and Asian concepts of perspective. Some of my paintings are of clothing that has been worn by myself or by my family members. The borders contain other significant imagery pertaining to that person or event. Recent paintings contain hearts as a central image with a variety of images from my dreams and my environment. Time and memory are also important to me in the creative process. My compositions are generally unplanned and have a “stream of consciousness quality”.


These pieces are constructed of wood, collaged with a variety of natural and found materials that have personal significance to me and then sealed with acrylic paint. The underlying surface is black gesso. Texture has always been a strong element in my work either throughout the use of repetition or by the actual texture being produced on the surface with paint or other found materials. My artwork has always had a strong narrative quality and sometimes it stirs the viewer to respond personally.


My current goals are to continue my career as an artist, which I have been working towards for over forty years as you can see by my resume. I am currently working on a catalog and a venue for a retrospective in Denver, CO for RedLine in March and April of 2022. I am a member of Spark Gallery, an artist’s cooperative in Denver and have a one person show there every year.




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