The work of Sally Elliott is mythic and mystical.  Layered so deeply with images, color and textures it demands quiet contemplation to decipher its many insinuations.

Its nearest literary cousin would be the Magical Realism of the Latin American writers such as Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Archetypical images come spilling out along with life's common goods, a housecoat meets Rat King and they rally around a leftover morsel from last night's dinner.  It is a bit like rappelling down the hole where Alice was last seen and finding, as did she, a parallel universe all topsy-turvy.

Art Historical antecedents are 14th century Tibetan Thanka paintings with their complex layering of images, symbols and rich color and, emanating from the same period, illuminated manuscripts with their luminous patterning and hidden images.

These personal reliquaries become icons for the events, emotions and moments of a life rich with experience, pain and extraordinary insight into the ordinary.

They are worthy of the time it takes to mine their jewels.


William Biety, curator
Space-Editor/Design and Art Consultancy, Denver CO




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